Our technical training and extensive experience as Compliace Officers of multinational companies in the Healthcare sector, allows us to provide comprehensive support in the process of risk management, prevention and assessment:

  • We draft all kind of internal Policies and Procedures (SOPs) and Codes of Conduct.
  • We design and implement Compliance Programs applicable to the entire organization and act as facilitators in the implementation of cultural changes in the organization. 
  • We review and validate scientific and commercial projects for risk identification and their conversion to ethical and compliance frameworks.
  • We provide customized training and coaching services in compliance programs to the organization at all levels, designing and implementing processes to ensure the legitimacy of promotional and commercial strategies.
  • We keep our clients promptly informed and updated on any changes or new regulations.
  • We carry out Legal and Compliance Audits (Due Diligences) to diagnose and detect Legal and Compliance risks, as a preventive measure, or reactive when risk situations have been detected.
  • We draw up Risk Reports and corrective measures to be implemented. 
  • We certify the degree of development and effectiveness of the companies' Compliance Programs. 
  • We minimize our clients' reputational risk by providing them with Compliance advice and ad hoc solutions.
  • We support the implementation of Compliance Officers and internal Compliance Departments.
  • We design crime prevention plans and advise companies and their Directors, Executives and Managers on criminal liability.
  • We design whistleblowing channels and investigation processes for employees and intervene in the management of complex situations linked to the termination of employment relationships for Compliance reasons (non-compliance with the Code of Ethics, Policies, SOPs, etc.).


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