Our firm has professionals with the highest qualifications and experience in providing services and assistance to our clients in matters related to labour and social security law.

We approach labour problems from a comprehensive and cohesive perspective, always seeking the best impact for our clients' human capital in all areas of human resources planning and labour relations. We provide support in the preparation, development and execution of:

The drafting and negotiation of employment and senior management contracts.
Collective labour negotiations
The development of compensation and benefits policies 
Internal and external flexibility processes: redundancies, lay-offs, substantial modification of working conditions, non-application of collective agreements, etc.
Individual and collective legal proceedings in labour and social security matters before all jurisdictions.
Drawing up remuneration systems, pension plans and complementary social security schemes.
Issues relating to the prevention of occupational hazards.
Advice on labour issues in the context of mergers, acquisitions, company restructuring, company transfers and outsourcing processes.
Labour Audits
Outsourcing of services: contracts and subcontracts. 
Global mobility and cross-border human resources, immigration of executives in Spanish companies or expatriation of employees. 
The development of company policies and equality plans.
The development of remote work. 
Compliance and internal investigations.
Criteria for the use of digital devices, video surveillance and internal digital disconnection policies.
Drawing up protocols and investigations in matters of moral, sexual and gender-based harassment.

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