Public Procurement

  • We provide our clients with a solid knowledge of the market and the regulations on tendering procedures and public procurement in the Life Sciences sector.
  • We provide advice and support in all phases of public procurement: tendering, execution, termination and liquidation of contracts.
  • We review tender documents to detect possible elements of impugnation. 
  • We review tenders to be submitted to the awarding body, in order to identify causes for exclusion or challenge by the competition. 
  • We draft documents to be submitted to the contracting bodies to defend the interests of our clients.
  • We advise on challenges to tender specifications and administrative decisions in public tenders, and we draft special appeals on contracting matters and all types of administrative appeals.
  • We advise on all types of public-private partnership projects and initiatives.
  • We advise on the resolution of disputes of all kinds.
  • We advise on grants and subsidies.
  • We delimit the actions to be taken in matters of public administration liability.

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